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Now I know why Attorney Sverdlova has so many 5 star reviews. Our Mom passed away and we needed to transfer a property deed from my Mom’s trust to my sister and me. I contacted her via email and she responded within a few hours seeking a good time to talk. We ended up with her planning to call me between 8-9 PM that night. 9:45 the phone rang, her last meeting had run late she apologized for the late call and asked if I could still talk. We discussed the issue and during the call she volunteered that she would handle the matter on a (very fair) fixed fee. I really appreciated that as I had planned to bring up fees because well you know how some attorneys can be. We planned to handle everything by mail but the USPS took several weeks to deliver the materials I sent her so it ended up with my sister going in to handle her end when she was in FL and I did the same a couple of weeks later. Attorney Sverdlova was very patient and thorough when I met with her. She was super careful with all the details. I’ve got way more experience with attorneys than I wish I ever had and everything considered, quality of work, responsiveness, and fees I can’t think of another attorney who has done a better job.