Shaun M.

Capital Planning Law, PLLC is a reputable, trustworthy and knowledgeable boutique law firm in the Fort Lauderdale area specializing in estate planning, business planning and transactions, as well as real estate. Founding attorney, Yelena Sverdlova, Esq., truly cares about her clients and is there for them through every step of their transaction. Unlike many attorneys who will simply tell their client what type of plan they need, Yelena Sverdlova, Esq., works with her clients to tailor a plan that fits their exact needs because she understands that no two businesses, transactions, or estate plans are exactly the same. Capital Planning Law PLLC, will not rest until their clients are satisfied. I highly recommend Capital Planning Law, PLLC for any of your legal… Read More… “Shaun M.”

Nick D.

Yelena is always helpful. She has alot of information and is a excellent resource. She loves what she does and it shows. Thank you… Read More… “Nick D.”

Heloisa P.

When I first contacted Yelena, I was lost and did not knew how to handled my situation. With her extraordinary knowledge, dedication, she was able to help me. I will always use her as my primary… Read More… “Heloisa P.”

Steven K.

Yelena is the absolute best attorney I have worked with in South Florida.  After my previous attorneys provide poor and inaccurate advice regarding both estate and business planning, Yelena was able to help me organize everything with extreme detail.  Her willingness to take as much time as needed to thoroughly explain each facet and answer all questions of the plan is unmatched.  Fairly priced, dependable, honest, on-time, and an absolute pleasure to work… Read More… “Steven K.”

Anthony C.

My wife and I were in need of a estate planner. I Googled estate planner and came across Capital Planning Law. The best decision I have ever made using Google. Yelena made the process very comfortable. She listened to everything that we wanted and went above and beyond helping us through the process. I also asked Yelena for help on a business purchase. The contract she provided was mind blowing on the attention to detail. So much so, that the broker for the business purchase mentioned he had never seen such a contract in his 15 years in the industry. Yelena made sure she had my best interest and protected me. I felt so proud having her in my corner. Such an amazing… Read More… “Anthony C.”

Dr. and Mrs. N.

In the past several years we have had to work with several attorneys regarding our business, the passing of our parents and the managing of their estates. We thought these experiences went well until we experienced a whole new level of professionalism and caring from Selena Sverdlova at Capital Planning Law. Selena was able to help us plan for our future, our businesses future and the future of those we entrust with our well being and estate. The amount of knowledge this young lady has regarding so many areas of law is impressive. He attention to detail is impressive and Bailey, her fur baby got along wonderfully with our fur baby Daisy. It is comforting for us to know we have a “true” professional attorney in our corner looking out for our best interest. Thank you… Read More… “Dr. and Mrs. N.”

Maria J.

I was having difficulties with the builders during the closing of my first home and went to Yelena for help. She is brilliant and very insightful. Yelena took the time to go over my contract and explain all the details to me. She also went over my options and provided her expertise so I can make a decision and benefit the most. Yelena is very responsive and always does her best to help her clients. I am extremely thankful towards her for helping with a successful closing. I highly recommend to anyone with legal… Read More… “Maria J.”

Debra K.

Excellent Lawyer 5.0 stars Yelena prepared my estate plan. I was very impressed with her knowledge, attention to detail and kindness. Yelena took her time explaining different options and scenarios that could come up. She is professional and I recommend her… Read More… “Debra K.”

Samuel L.

As I was looking for a commercial lawyer to assist me on a lease agreement related transaction, I was lucky enough to find Yelena, who not only offered me a much friendlier billing mechanism (instead of a large initial retainer many lawyers demand even before they’re willing to listen to your problem), but also showed tremendous dedication to my case! She is incredibly knowledgeable about contract law and was able to quickly find all the problems and contradictions in the deal that were extremely relevant to my case. The level of attention to detail, wordsmanship and professionalism she provided was absolutely remarkable! I not only fully endorse and recommend her services, but now have her on my contact list for whenever I need counseling on any commercial contract… Read More… “Samuel L.”

Monique D.

Yelena Sverdlova, Esq is a true expert in her field. When I needed her expertise relating to a real estate transaction and document preparation, I knew just who to contact. She was prompt in following up with my inquiry and provided a reasonable turnaround time for the legal document… Read More… “Monique D.”

Howard W.

Attorney Yelena provided our business buyer and ourselves as seller a highly professional and appreciated service in our purchase and sale transaction. Both the buyer and the seller thought she did a great job in fairly representing both sides of this transaction. She prepared all documents and led us through each step of the process with patience and professionalism. I highly recommend Capital Planning Law for your next transaction. Best Regards, Howard from… Read More… “Howard W.”

Kellen D.

I reached out to Yelena for entity structure/creation for a real estate acquisition. It is evident that she takes pride in her work and will go above and beyond for her clients. She has a great personality and i really enjoy working with… Read More… “Kellen D.”

Ebru O.

Yelena helped us with purchasing a business and establishing a LLC. We had very short and stressful dead line. She always answered our phones and and e-mails within 10 minutes. She was always helpful, hardworking and answered all of our questions no matter how detailed they were. Her knowledge of law is impressive and most importantly she doesn’t tell you the answers in legalese, on the contrary she makes sure that you understand everything. She is not just a great lawyer but also she cares about her clients. Me and my husband were very happy and satisfied with Yelena’s assistance that she is also assisting us for our estate planing. I would definitely recommend her without any… Read More… “Ebru O.”

Kimani P.

My experience with Yelena Sverdlova was a pleasant one. Yelena thoroughly explained the estate planning process to my siblings and I. She replied to us in a timely fashion, broke down information in a digestible manner and showed the utmost professionalism. She’s very knowledgeable, compassionate and concise. She also offers competitive pricing. I would recommend Yelena to anyone that needs assistance in estate… Read More… “Kimani P.”

Miranda F.

Yelena has been able to answer and thoroughly explain all employee related HR legal questions I have sent her way. She is the first person I think of when I have any legal… Read More… “Miranda F.”

Nathan U.

What I love about Yelena is super knowledgeable and helpful. Simplifies things if necessary and is able to expand if needed. What I also think that separates her from other lawyers that I’ve had in the past is her availability for her clients. She definitely has the hustle, and I think a lot of people in this industry should follow her… Read More… “Nathan U.”

Nick L.

Excellent, helpful and knowledgeable attorney. Highly recommended to… Read More… “Nick L.”

Eddie D.

Yelena did an amazing job advising me on starting my new business. Her advice on business law made taking the first step rather easy and less frightening. She was with me step by step and continues to provide great consultation! Her experience in marketing really helped me as well. Any new business needs to have tech savy and innovative ways to reach my audience and her expertise was more than valuable!!! Thank you… Read More… “Eddie D.”

Candice M.

I just used this attorney  to make my will , revocable trust,  durable power of attorney etc. up-to-date.  She definitely goes above and beyond what you would expect from an attorney. First of all, she will come to your house if you would like. Reminds me of the old-time doctors who made house calls.  And she really read through everything with a fine tooth comb and she found mistakes that needed to be rectified and she dealt with title companies for me. They did not want to do what  needed to be done. She was forceful and got the job done. She even brings dog treats for your dog. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I already… Read More… “Candice M.”

Mitchell L.

Excellent, helpful and knowledgeable attorney. Highly recommended to… Read More… “Mitchell L.”

Louis B.

Yelena is great,I needed to change some areas of my revocable trust which was done 15 years ago,Yelena completely explained all of the changes of the law.I did not completely understand some of the legal language and I was feeling very worried.Yelena took the time to explain every detail until I compleatly understood each area of concern. She is simply the best, I felt so bad for all my questions and she didn’t mind one bit to even explain more detail.Thank you for helping… Read More… “Louis B.”

Michalyn P.

Yelena was wonderful to work with during this difficult time. She was compassionate, professional and always very responsive to my many questions during the process of settling my fathers estate. I had no experience dealing with this process and felt lost before speaking to her. She is very knowledgeable and she gave me confidence that everything was being handled appropriately. I would highly recommend her… Read More… “Michalyn P.”

Vivian T.

Yelena was wonderful to work with. She made a very difficult situation easy to deal with. She’s very patient and I appreciate her simple explanations of complex topics. Yelena was highly attentive to my needs and responsive to my emails and calls. This is a rare and wonderful quality to find in today’s… Read More… “Vivian T.”

Svetlana M.

Top-notch lawyer! 5.0 stars Yelena goes above and beyond for her clients. She took the time to hear all of my concerns and clearly, concisely outlined all the different courses of action including the positives and negatives with each choice. Without hesitation, I give Yelena my highest recommendations. She is going to be my Lawyer for… Read More… “Svetlana M.”

Francesco B.

I really wanted to take some time and use this space to heartily thank Yelena for all her amazing help, deep knowledge and professional hard work she has done helping my wife and I. She went the extra mile and was able to meet the need of a overly meticulous and tough client as I am, but the delicate situation required that (and I am sure she understood that).I had many bad experiences with lawyer here in Florida, but, finally, I know where to… Read More… “Francesco B.”

Tatyana M.

True professional! I’m very happy that I found a knowledgeable and trustworthy Attorney who assisted me in preparing trust and advising on my estate planning. She explained to me in detail the pros and cons of the trust and estate planning regulations. This is an Attorney who likes what she does and cares about her clients. Best Attorney! Thank you Yelena for a great… Read More… “Tatyana M.”

Jennifer O.

I am very grateful for Ms. Sverdlova. Her professionalism, dedication and diligence are just a few of the many attributes I can say about her. The advice we received from was invaluable for my husband’s new business! I highly recommend… Read More… “Jennifer O.”

Alan B.

Now I know why Attorney Sverdlova has so many 5 star reviews. Our Mom passed away and we needed to transfer a property deed from my Mom’s trust to my sister and me. I contacted her via email and she responded within a few hours seeking a good time to talk. We ended up with her planning to call me between 8-9 PM that night. 9:45 the phone rang, her last meeting had run late she apologized for the late call and asked if I could still talk. We discussed the issue and during the call she volunteered that she would handle the matter on a (very fair) fixed fee. I really appreciated that as I had planned to bring up fees because well you know how some attorneys can be. We planned to handle everything by mail but the USPS took several weeks to deliver the materials I sent her so it ended up with my sister going in to handle her end when she was in FL and I did the same a couple of weeks later. Attorney Sverdlova was very patient and thorough when I met with her. She was super careful with all the details. I’ve got way more experience with attorneys than I wish I ever had and everything considered, quality of work, responsiveness, and fees I can’t think of another attorney who has done a better… Read More… “Alan B.”


Yelena Sverdlova of Capital Planning Law is a true professional in every respect. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of estate planning or legal representation. During our initial visit (she came to our house on a Saturday because our schedules were so busy) there were so many questions that came up and Yelena explained every document and detail of the process in terms that made it completely clear to us and our daughters.  We all had questions to which she answered with extreme patience. Our discussion brought us to decide on prepared Trust’s instead of a Will. Yelena prepared all of the documents required to form two trusts. We are extremely happy with her and our decision! After our meeting and our decisions were made, Yelena prepared and brought all of the documents, ready to sign, in order, page by page. Just what you want in a good lawyer!! Precision, attention to detail (absolutely meticulous), and understanding of the laws. I have complete confidence in her ability to follow the legal path all the way to the end. She has diligently worked to prepare all of the documents and then kept working to tie up lose ends with all of our properties. She also puts the information on a Flash Drive for your safe keeping. She was punctual to the minute every time we met and her work was autographed with excellence.  On a personal note; Yelena is so kind and understanding. You might not know it but estate planning is an emotional undertaking. She listened to me cry when different subjects came up and for that I am grateful to her. I completely trust her with our information. She is super sweet! Every family needs a great attorney so we found the… Read More… “C.F.”

Jonathan L.

Capital Planning Law, PLLC came highly recommended by an associate she had helped create a business plan for.I quickly understood why–Ms. Sverdlova created my family’s estate planning documents and she was very thorough when we spoke about our specific needs.She showed an attention to detail and was very patient in answering each question in an easy to understand manner.To anyone looking for estate planning or business planning, CPL, PLLC comes highly recommended. I would gladly refer any friends and family to her business and trust they will be in good… Read More… “Jonathan L.”

Matthew B.

Yelena is a colleague of mine in the Estate and Asset Protection arena and is excellent at what she does. Unbelieveably knowledgeable, a fantastic resource, works hard and cares about her clients. The detail that she deals with in discussing legal issues is amazing. Would recommended in a… Read More… “Matthew B.”

Nicole V.

She is an amazing Estate Planning Attorney. She takes her time with each client and understands their needs. Always answers her calls and takes her time to explain legal questions that you may have. Very professional, friendly and efficient. Her fees are reasonable, I’m so happy to have been referred to her. I will not hesitate to use her services again. Thank you for all what you… Read More… “Nicole V.”

Susan B.

Yelena is great! She is very knowledgable and… Read More… “Susan B.”

Joe H.

I was looking for a lawyer when a friend recommended Yelena to me. She worked tirelessly to finish my trust in time for my closing. I can only say Thank you for the fantastic service. I will be telling my… Read More… “Joe H.”

Jamie K.

Yelena is everything you could ask for in a lawyer.  She is professional, responsive, pleasant and attentive to your matters, on top of being extremely knowledgeable.  As a lawyer myself, I have met and worked with countless attorneys in the areas Yelena specializes in.  Yelena is without question in a league of her own.  I have worked with her on a variety of projects and will continue to do so.  Cannot be grateful enough to have found… Read More… “Jamie K.”

Barry L.

I employed Yelena twice in the past 2 years.  The first time was when my father passed away and the second time to prepare my will and trust which I had been putting off for several years.  In the case of my father’s estate, I handled many of the matters thanks to my father’s trust but I needed Yelena’s assistance when it came time to sell my father’s condo.  Since  I was not familiar with real estate law, Yelena provided the legal guidance I needed to execute the sale.  I couldn’t have been more happy with her performance.  Yelena was very responsive and within a day or two she had a purchase agreement ready for me to present to the buyers.  She was there throughout the property sale answering questions and making timely updates to the agreement (usually that day).  In addition, Yelena went above and beyond and answered any questions I had dealing with my father’s estate in general.  She filed my father’s will with the county and prepared a notice of trust for me to file.  Thank’s to her commitment and thoroughness, I was able to close out my father’s estate without any surprises.  It was her engagement in my father’s estate that made her an obvious choice for preparing my own will and trust.  She was very thorough as I expected.  She took care of setting the trust up and re-deeding my property to the trust.  She prepared a binder containing my Will and Testament, Revocable Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Surrogate, Living Will and HIPAA.  She also prepared a post-signing todo list for things I needed to take care of in addition to the documents she prepared – things you might not think about immediately (i.e. establish POD (Payment On Death) on checking and savings accounts).  All in all, I was very pleased with Yelena and would strongly recommend her for your estate needs.  She takes a personal interest in your situation and provides excellent legal advice and… Read More… “Barry L.”

Carali C.

Yelena is the best attorney we have worked with. Very detailed and patient explaining processes. She took our call all the time and responded to all our questions. She finished the document we needed super fast! We couldn’t be happier! Will definitely continue using her and recommend… Read More… “Carali C.”

Audra L.

Ms. Sverdlova is a hard working and dedicated attorney. You can just tell she loves her work by the results she produces.I have met with and used several attorneys in the past and none of them quite showed me the personal dedication as well as meticulous attention to their work. She sat down and went through every question I had and explained everything thoroughly. She was very knowledgable in real estate law and helped me maneuver the home buying process. I have also consulted with her on several occasions with regard to my will and other estate planning documents.I recommend Ms. Sverdlova to my friends and family and would 100% recommend her to others.I very much trust her… Read More… “Audra L.”

Roza T.

The best experience I ever had… Read More… “Roza T.”

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Capital Planning Law, PLLC assists clients in the legal fields of business law, corporate entities (formation, conversion(s), counseling, etc.), estate planning (wills and trusts), incapacity planning, asset protection, advanced estate planning, business succession planning, purchase and sale agreements, probate administration, guardianship and real estate law. We also assist businesses in the capacity of in house counsel and/or on a case-by-case basis. The firm believes in incorporating clients’ personal and business objectives into their ultimate plan in order to achieve a comprehensive and customized plan for each individual’s particular facts and circumstances.

We strive to provide each client with top-notch service while maintaining a boutique law firm feel. Our cornerstone is effective and timely communication regarding legal matters and making each client feel special and informed. With our true passion for the law, we are able to assist our clients with a multitude of legal matters, while maintaining the integrity of the law.

Further, we believe in making the legal and/or business planning process as easy as possible for our clients. This involves providing flexible scheduling, multiple office meeting locations throughout South Florida, after hours support and advanced consultation options (such as Skype and/or other video applications). Capital Planning Law, PLLC truly puts our clients’ interests first and will do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and supported.

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