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Major Reasons Why Real Estate Property Buyers Should Obtain a Survey

Major Reasons Why Real Estate Property Buyers Should Obtain a Survey

Purchasing a home is a big deal, literally! The real property transaction should be done properly without any corners cut. The following are a few advantages to having a Survey of the property completed:

  1. Locate Rights Of Way and Easements: A Survey will determine whether any rights of way and/or easements are located on your Property. An easement is defined as the right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose. If someone has any rights over your prospective, you should certainly be aware of it.
  1. Determine Boundary Lines: A Survey will determine the prospective property’s boundary lines in comparison with neighbor(s). Certain real property such as fences and other barriers can be built onto the property over time and encroach onto the land. A Survey can determine whether any of your prospective neighbors have built on your land resulting in an encroachment. If you purchase the property without knowing this, it may lead to burdensome and costly litigation, especially if the encroachment is severe.
  1. View Utilities: A Survey will determine whether any utility lines exist under and/or above the property. This will determine what rights you have to use utilities in the property location. Most properties don’t have many issues with regard to utilities, but it is still important to know all of the facts and circumstances when making such a big purchase.
  1. Review Zoning: A Survey will determine your zoning classification and any restrictions on the use of the property. For instance, if you are intending on living in the home, the zoning must be residential (as opposed to commercial, public or agricultural). Keep in mind that a zoning variance will only be allowed if: 1) there is some sort of undue burden with the strict compliance of the zoning regulation and 2) the variance will not affect the surrounding area or community.
  1. Specify Access: A Survey will determine the precise way in which you may access the property limits.

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